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Who We Are

Zepul™️ aims to quickly, effectively, and economically link organizations with the right candidates and vice versa in order to facilitate and streamline the recruiting ecosystem by utilizing the top-of-the-line on-demand recruitment pool.

In the current environment of haphazard hiring practices and a recruitment industry that is anything but orderly, we are introducing to you a high-capability technology marketplace that provides a unique platform for companies looking for knowledgeable and resourceful applicants, recruiters (either gig or full-time) looking for the best candidates in the industry, and job seekers actively looking for their dream job.

By maximizing AI and technology at different stages of the recruitment process, Zepul is committed to eliminating all recruitment pain points and increasing the effectiveness of a human intervention.

1,000+ Enterprises Choose us

Product Overview

  • Unique

    Comprehensive candidate management, streamlined workflow automation, and advanced analytics for data-driven decision-making.

  • First in market

    Connecting all recruitment stakeholders, revolutionizing collaboration, communication and efficiency throughout the hiring life cycle.

  • Tested

    A tested ATS that leverages technology to empower human intervention, effectively addressing and eliminating the pain points of the hiring process.

  • Authentic

    Cultivating genuine connections and transparent communication to foster trust and build meaningful relationships with candidates and all hiring stakeholders.

What we are Solving


Inactive, fake, irrelevant, expensive,- time consuming for sourcing and screening, low turn out ratio.

we solve it through referral program which gets us more accurate and active profiles, with no extra charges unlike job portals. Low TAT, high turn out ratio, minimal / nil no-shows

Sourcing & Screening

Absence of recruiters with matching expertise to profiles results in compromised quality, reduced closure rates, and incorrect hiring decision.

Efficient candidate search , Community based recruiters to help in fast closures


Lack of diverse profiles leading to compromised hiring.

High quality database and profiles, community based recruiting partners, Lack of apt profiles leading to compromised hiring.

Easy Governance

Unavailability of streamed processes and policies that ensure compliance, fairness, and transparency in hiring practices.

With ATS we Keep track right from requisition. ATS Gives the leverage to the delivery team and support in data driven decison making.

What we Offer

60% Improved access to knowledgeable recruiters and insightful applicant profiles

30X Increase in opportunity to find candidates with required skills and experience

Sourcing & Screening

  • Three layer human & tech based screening Mechanism
  • Unique Sourcing using powerful referral program
  • Fast decision making by all stakeholders
  • Quality candidate profiles using tech intervention at all levels


  • Pre employment assessments
  • Custom made for each vertical
  • Easy evaluation
  • Clear scorecards for easy decision making

Background Verification

  • Lowest industry TAT
  • Accurate verification
  • Defined process and procedure

Interview Management

  • Single & Multiple step process
  • Collaborative mechanism
  • Ease of scheduling and execution
  • Efficient & meaningful feedback's

Tracking System

  • Simple yet powerful dashboard
  • Progress tracking at a glance
  • Ease of monitoring and analyzing

TAT turn around time

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40% Productivity will

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50% Quality

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One stop shop TA

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80% Cost saving

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70% candidate experience

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60% Improvement in decision making supported by data & analytics

Our Presence

We establish credibility, attracts top talent, and enhances brand recognition, fosters trust among clients and candidates, giving organizations a competitive edge with greater opportunities for successful closures.



  • Recruitment
  • Assessments + BGV
  • Offshore hiring


  • Recruitment
  • Assessments + BGV
  • Offshore hiring


  • Recruitment
  • Assessments + BGV
  • Offshore hiring

Why Businesses Choose Us

Companies :

  • Recruiters are matched with specific skill-based profiles, allowing for expertise-driven assignments.
  • Database comes from referrals and active jobseekers hence profiles will be a perfect match.
  • Reduction in TAT for overall recruitment life cycle.

Recruitment Partners :

  • Optimization of resources.
  • Decrease in marketing cost.
  • Oppurtunity to explore and enter the global markets.